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Welcome to Spirit Animal

At Spirit Animal, we provide you with the wine and spirits you are looking for right in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. We are located in Williamsburg and provide our clients with the very best service and products. We encourage you to learn about our collection of products, as most of them are from smaller producers. This means they use low intervention farming practices, creating something healthy, vibrant, and new.

Choose Something New This Time

If you are looking for a way to bring something interesting and new into your life, why not try our wine delivery? Our wine and liquor delivery service allows you to choose from some of the most interesting and unique products we have to offer, delivered right to your door.

You can visit our wine store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY when you and your friends want to try something interesting and a little bit different. You can learn about the wide range of unique products available, and even sample some of the most incredible blends available. There is something here to please everyone.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our wine and spirits are all interesting – not the same old thing on the shelf. We love to share the natural wines we find from producers you may not know much about. We encourage you to take a closer look, check out our most recent finds, and enjoy a glass of wine with us.


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Check our rotating selection of pre-approved favorites that are sure to delight. Trust us, any items listed here will be a hit!

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