WINE WORDS: Our lingo at the shop

A few helpful terms we feel you should be aware of when browsing our selection:

ACIDITY – the mouth-watering, ‘tingly’, ‘zippy’ or ‘nervous’ feeling a wine will leave on your palate.

BALANCE – a balanced wine will show each of the following components on the palate evenly: Acidity, Tannin, Alcohol, Sweetness, and Fruit Concentration. Aging vessels, such as oak, amphora, concrete and others will also affect the balance of a wine.

BIODYNAMIC WINE – in short, the process of creating a self-sustaining ecosystem within the vineyard, eliminating the use of chemicals, and promoting soil health by taking a more ancient and holistic approach to farming.

CARBONIC MACERATION – a process used in lighter to medium-bodied red wines that softens tannins and allows the wine to become easier drinking. This process introduces the grapes to a CO2 rich environment during fermentation.

LEES – a product of fermentation, these are dead yeast cells that can be left with newly fermented juice to add a creamier and richer texture to the wine.

NON -VINTAGE (NV) – a blend of several vintages

ORANGE WINE – also known as ‘amber’ wine, a wine made with white grape varietals that has been fermented and aged for a time with the skins, which will add more texture and depth to the wine.

ORGANIC WINE – wine produced without pesticides and minimal added sulfur.

TANNIN – polyphenols that are naturally occurring in grape skins and seeds. Tannins will cause an astringent, gritty or drying sensation on the palate.

VINTAGE – the year the grapes were harvested