About Us

Spirit Animal cherishes the exploration of all things wine and spirit. The simple idea of sharing something new and different excites us.

We are persistent in our pursuit of discovering those producers, winemakers, and distillers that are methodical yet passionate, uncompromising yet whimsical, holistic yet refined, and most importantly genuine and approachable. Our team applies these driving characteristics to curate Spirit Animal bottle list.


Thoughtfully Farmed Wine and Spirits

As you browse Spirit Animal you’ll notice that most of our offerings are from producers that use natural, low intervention farming practices, and/or are estate produced.

Over the many bottles we’ve drunk, we’ve found that producers who partake in these best practices create the most enjoyable wines and spirits. Accordingly, we do our very best to offer those beverages from single source vineyards and distilleries who take thoughtful farming practices into great consideration when producing their products.


Curation meets Hospitality

Any wine, no matter how flawless, is useless without someone to share it with. That’s where you come in. We could have the best bottles in the world but without your desire to taste, learn, and excite we’d be bored. That’s why we built Spirit Animal with you, our guest, as our first priority.

Check out the list below of some of Spirit Animal’s special features that we do just for you!

  • Same-day delivery in South Williamsburg
  • U-Bar seating for tastings and educational experiences
  • Winemaker events (tastings, dinners, classes, and the like)
  • Cellar consultations

Visit Our Store

Come say hi! If you’re in South Williamsburg it would be so absolutely amazing to have you in our store!

We’ll keep the bottle on ice till you get here. Come visit us at 20 Broadway in Brooklyn’s South Williamsburg neighborhood.

20 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Mon–Sat: 12pm–10pm
Sun: 12pm–8pm