Cellar + Bar Consultations

What could be more fun that working together to build your cellar or bar!

We’re here for you whether you’re just getting started on a new bar or cellar, growing your current collection, or looking to acquire just the right piece to make your cellar complete.


Private Events

Our unique space and hospitality background make Spirit Animal and ideal partner for hosting private events. Upon entering Spirit Animal, guests are immediately greeted with a bar-style seating area in the center of the shop to provide a comfortable area for hosting, tastings, and pairings.


Ask Austin

Of course, our beloved Austin is always here to answer any and all of your questions. You can email him any time at

However, just in case, you don’t have the time to ask, Austin’s gone ahead put together a batch of wines and spirits that he’s extra excited about and you simply can’t go wrong with. This selection is ever rotating based on Austin’s current favorites and availability.